Evaluating Alternative Solutions for a Decision Analysis

Published: Feb 4, 2005
Updated Jan. 2, 2012

This is Part 2 of the Alternative Solutions section in the Decision Analysis unit. It contains the evaluation of the alternative solutions listed in Part 1 and is an addition or extension of the solutions section of the Decision Analysis.

For a more complex decision you may prefer to separate listing from assessing the worthiness of each solution. This is similar to brainstorming where ideas flow much more freely before any opinions are expressed or judgements made.

Adjusting your decision making mindset


An example of a simple matrix for ranking a number of alternatives.

 ABCDRow SumRank
Alternative A  10013rd
Alternative B0  0004th
Alternative C11 131st
Alternative D110 22nd

How it works

Theoretically, there is no limit to the number alternatives in each matrix. Practically, you may have to split the matrices by some classification.

This type of matrix is extremely helpful when more than one decision maker is ranking the alternatives.

For an example of ranking alternative options refer to Using a Decision Ranking Matrix.

Or, for a more complex weighting of alternatives refer to our Decision Making Chart for Small Business Decisions where you can ascribe scores to qualitative attributes.

You can also use diagrams, mind maps or charts if these suit your way of visualizing and thinking.




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